Rural Housing Assistance Initiative

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June 23, 2016
Feds to Audit Foreclosure Aid Program in Atlanta Area
September 15, 2016

Rural Housing Assistance Initiative

Georgia ACT supports the work of CDCs and other community-based and constituency-based nonprofits in developing and preserving affordable housing. Georgia ACT is particularly interested in advancing the field’s pursuit of scale.

Georgia ACT has limited funding from the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation to provide technical assistance to member nonprofit development organizations located in the non-metropolitan areas of the state.  Georgia ACT will accept applications through August 15th from such eligible nonprofit organizations operating in rural Georgia with limited experience or facing specific project development challenges.

After an initial assessment to determine the status of the proposed housing project, the expertise needed, the deliverable or desired outcome, and the estimated number of consulting hours needed, Georgia ACT will match the selected organizations with a consultant. Consultant will deliver the agreed upon technical assistance by December 31, 2016.

 As noted, assignment(s) under this initiative will be short-term and focused.  The recipient organization and Georgia ACT will identify a specific outcome and/or deliverable before commencement of the assignment.  Georgia ACT and the consultant will agree on the outcome and/or deliverable and refine, if necessary.


See the application below.


2016 Rural Housing Technical Assistance Application

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