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Be sure to ACT today and join the cause by staying informed, making a donation, or becoming an advocate. 


For the last two years, Georgia ACT has focused on supporting Resilient Communities in the State of Georgia. Our list is long, but the work is not complete! And because of that, we need your support to continue our impact across the state. 

Here's a list of our many 2020 - 2021 accomplishments:

  • HB 969 Amends the Fair Housing Act to secure HUD Fair Housing Act Certification (Rep. Chuck Efstration)
  • HB 1167 Community Land Trust Homestead Eligibility (Rep. Park Cannon) 
  • The Atlanta City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting landlords from refusing to rent or sell a home based on the applicant’s source of income, including denying the acceptance of government vouchers (Legislative Reference No. 20-O-1155)
  • In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Georgia ACT received funds to provide statewide rental assistance for 140 households and utility assistance for rural 25 households 
  • Georgia ACT embarked in nonpartisan, civic engagement initiatives including the “Our Homes, Our Votes” Campaign, Census engagement, & U.S. Senate Runoff voter engagement in 74 Georgia counties reaching over 10,000 individuals and signage outreach over 500,000 resulting in the largest rural Black voter turnout in recent history
  • Co-launched the Everyone Deserves A Place to Call Home statewide housing policy platform.
  • Distributed 4,620 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits to communities
  • Georgia ACT was named business of the month by Clayton County Commissioner Felicia Franklin-Warner.
  • Successfully advocated for the passage of the City of Atlanta’s $100 million Housing Opportunity Bond 
  • Provided $1,000 scholarship to homeless high school senior to attend Georgia Southern University
  • HR 52: Study Committee on Childhood Lead Exposure (Rep. Katie Dempsey, R-Rome)
  • HB 757: Workforce Housing in High Opportunity Areas (Rep. Bee Nguyen, D-Atlanta and Sen Jen Jordan D-Atlanta)
  • SB 75: Right to Terminate Residential Lease by Victim of Stalking with a Protective Order. (Sen. Kim Jackson, D-Stone Mountain)
  • SB 6: Tax Credit Review Process (Sen. John Albers, R- Roswell)
  • HB 244: Funds for Flood Risk Reduction (Rep. Don Hogan, R-Saint Simons)
  • SB 49: Alternative Building Plan Review (Sen. Clint Dixon, R-Buford)
  • SB 144: Limits Ability of Housing Authority to Act Outside Municipal Boundaries (Sen. Lindsey Tippins, R-Marietta)
  • Co-led the 3V (Votes, Vaccines, and Vision) Liberation Tour to 42 South Georgia Cities, impacting 50K people, to inform rural BIPOC communities on SB 202 and how to develop a voting plan, access to the COVID-19 vaccine and Affordable Care Act enrollment, and town hall meetings with elected officials and the community on the American Rescue Plan
  • Successful passage of federal CARES ACT, the American Rescue Plan funds, Emergency Rental Assistance, USDA-Rural Development funds for Georgia
  • Successful extension(s) of the Centers for Disease Control Eviction Moratorium
  • Increased full-time staff by 1 and added a policy intern
  • Raised $805,000 that was reinvested back to the community, primarily BIPOC and low wealth communities to advance affordable housing and equitable community development