OUR VISION & Mission

Our vision is that all Georgia families have safe and decent housing in vibrant neighborhoods.

Our Mission is to build, support, and inform a statewide network of thriving organizations, professionals, and individuals advancing equitable housing and community development.

Who We Are

Georgia ACT is a statewide membership organization representing the state’s nonprofit housing and community development organizations. Georgia law provides a commitment to safe, decent, affordable housing for all. Georgia Advancing Communities Together, Inc., is dedicated to engaging a broad coalition of organizations and individuals to make that vision become a reality.  We advocate for a more favorable policy environment for the nonprofit housing industry. We advocate to state and federal government executive and legislative branches, stakeholders, and other organizations targeting a similar population. Georgia ACT seeks greater resources to support the nonprofit industry and provides forums where nonprofit organizations can network, exchange information through peer learning and recognize member contributions. We provide communications tools to inform members and the public, promote key issues, and commission research regarding affordable housing and community development.

Our Story

Georgia Advancing Communities Together, Inc. (Georgia ACT) was founded in 2001 with one mission in mind: to build and support a statewide network of thriving member organizations and trained professionals engaged in housing and community development serving families with limited housing choices.

Housing is the bedrock for strong families and vibrant communities. Today, half of every Georgia renter households is cost burdened, paying over 30% of their income for housing – a challenge that is unaffordable and results in housing that is insecure, uninhabitable or nonexistent. Georgia ACT’s Policy and Advocacy Agenda supports strengthening resources and commitments to meet the affordable housing needs for all Georgians over their lifetimes, including rural, underserved, and vulnerable populations of seniors, children, veterans, homeless, and people with disabilities.

Our Promise

Georgia Advancing Communities Together, Inc., will constantly work towards growing and building relationships with organizations, core and community partners which will include: developing advocacy training, organizing materials for all trainings while supporting policy efforts of the project, providing policy analysis as related to the project, as well as providing an inclusive and sustained effort to inform and influence strong pathways between community members and policy makers. Georgia ACT has established a network of civic groups and grassroots advocacy organizations throughout the State of Georgia; advocating for Federal and State fair housing, disaster relief, HMDA, CRA, proposed tenant and rental legislations, immigrant housing, housing choice vouchers, CDBG, HOME and more.

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