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About Us

Georgia Advancing Communities Together, Inc. (Georgia ACT) is a statewide membership organization of nonprofit housing and community development organizations.

Our mission is to build, support, and inform a statewide network of thriving organizations, professionals, and individuals advancing equitable housing and community development.

Our Services

What We Do


Advocate for a more favorable policy environment for the nonprofit housing industry


Represent the nonprofit housing and community development industry to state and federal government (both executive and legislative branches), stakeholders, and other organizations targeting a similar population


Seek greater resources to support the nonprofit industry


Provide a forum where nonprofit organizations can network, exchange information through peer learning, and recognize member contributions

Communication Tools

Provide communications tools to inform members of upcoming activities and promote nonprofit housing and community development issues

Informational Resources

Act as an informational resource for the general public on the activities of the nonprofit housing and community development industry


effective network

Our Vision

All Georgia families have safe & decent housing  in vibrant neighborhoods.

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2021 Virtual Annual Membership Meeting
April 22, 2021


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